A little bit about Ms Eva M

Many of you were wondering in September who is Ms.Eva M? Is it possible that we have another Ms.Eva here at EISB? Yes, EISB probably likes the name Eva but the answer is no. I’m the same, just my name has changed. Let me tell you a bit more about me.

I was born here in Bratislava. After my studies of Pedagogy I couln’t wait to start applying everything what I’ve learned with my own class. My beginnings were at Galileo international school here in Bratislava where I spent 4 years. This was very good experience and has showed me that I dont want to do anything else just be working with a kids. After finishing my Bachelor degree I’ve decided to use the opportunity and left Slovakia for another adventure called “Aupair in America”. With low english skills, no family and friends I’ve traveled to Connecticut in USA.  

Christmas in Connecticut

I’ve spent there one year and because I missed Slovakia and my old life I came back. I’m very grateful for this experience,it gave me lot-independence,responsibilty,language,new friends of life and much more. I have to say that I’m very curious personality and I wanted to know if I would be good also at something else. I was very surprised when I got job in the law office but I quit very soon. Paperwork and PC work was nothing for me and I got bored very soon. So next years I spent in various kindergartens working with kids of different ages. I was happy again gaining lot of experience and knowledge.

Then, all of a sudden I’m here.This is my 4th year here at EISB and I’ve been going thru different roles. This year I’ve got an opportunity to continue with something I love- teaching our youngest kids. For me its not just teaching them but I’m also learning. There is always something what I can learn. Their never ending imagination,love and creativity is so unpredictable that I’ll never get bored of this job.

I like traveling and sharing adventures with friends. My favourite destination is Italy which I try to visit every summer. I love their ice cream. I have also other hobbies like yoga, roller blades or  good comedy movies. I look forward this school year and really hope that things will get back to normal very soon.

Ms.Eva M

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