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Parent Association Message

Dear EISB and AA parents,


every year our EISB Parents Association (PA) organizes lovely events for our children.


These events are not just about bringing joy and smiles to our children’s faces, they also play an important role in strengthening our school community and creating lovely enduring memories for all involved but especially for the children.

However, putting together these events demands not only the tireless efforts of our parent volunteers but also financial support.


In previous years, we have been fortunate to receive voluntary contributions from some parents, with a few of you kindly donating 2% of your taxes. While these contributions have been invaluable, they are no longer sufficient to support our growing school community, which expands each year as not everyone has paid their contribution to the activities organized by the PA.


For the upcoming school year 2023/24, the PA has an exciting lineup of activities:


  • Halloween /Halloween scary cars + treat bags/
  • St. Nicholas Day / + St. Nicholas sweet bags/
  • International Children’s Day / ice-cream at school/


To ensure the successful execution of these events together with presents for children, we kindly rely on your parental contributions.


If you wish for your child to participate in these PA activities, which are carried out during school hours, we kindly ask for a one-time payment of 20 EUR per child.


Below, you’ll find the IBAN number and a QR code for your convenience in making the payment.


Account name:         EISB Parents Association

IBAN:                        SK23 8330 0000 0026 0162 4942

Amount:                    20 EUR

Due date:                  ASAP

Description:              Full name of the child + class


Dear parents, please note, that if we DO NOT receive the payment by the DUE date, upon agreement with the school your child will unfortunately not receive the gift bag.


Thank You for understanding, support and help in making these lovely events possible to happen.


Your EISB PA Team

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