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Year 5 Assembly

On Friday 14th December, Year 5 celebrated their WW1 topic by delivering an assembly showcasing all of their learning to the rest of Primary.

The children shared presentations, posters, trench art work and writing pieces, all with the aim of teaching other students in Primary about life during WW1.

E.P and S.R share a brief overview of WW1.
A.S and T.P deliver a presentation of the Battle of the Somme.
Students explain what life was like on the Home Front.
E.S and A.H present their propaganda posters.
D.L and Z.H read out their historical narratives.
A.B and R.M read their letters from the perspective of soldiers living in the trenches.
R.K explains how trenches were used during WW1.
E.S showcases a variety of trenches made by the students.

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