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Globalization Presentations in MYP 1 and MYP 2: A Follow-Up

This post is to follow up on my last post introducing the project presentations that MYP 1 and MYP 2 did across the first unit. Students all made individual presentations that revolved around a topic related to globalization. Each class was given a different open research question to investigate and an action-plan to follow in order to answer that research question.

MYP 1 was provided with the research question: “How can we, as individuals, use the UN Sustainable Development Goals to make a positive difference towards the global issue of ________?”. Specifically, students explored the global issues of overpopulation, ocean pollution, air pollution, gender inequality, slavery, global warming, child labour, extinction of species, deforestation, poverty, terrorism, lack of sustainable energy, political dictatorships, and global pandemics. After explaining the global issue, students spoke about the UN Sustainable Development Goals that are related to the issue, as well as possible solutions to the issue, followed by a call-to-action component to further inspire the audience to take action.

Below are a few photos from the MYP 1 presentations:

In MYP 2, students were provided with the research question: “How has globalization affected _________?” Students investigated both the opportunities and challenges globalization has provided in regards to their topic of choice. During their presentation, students also provided their opinion and prediction for how globalization will continue to shape their topic in the future. Topics included how globalization has shaped healthcare, sports, wildlife/environment, the gaming industry, and public transportation.

Here are a few samples from the MYP 2 presentations (the slides do not have much text on them as students were encouraged to focus on their oral presentation skills rather than reading off the slides directly):

Each student also provided a bibliography and I was impressed at the amount of research that most students did for their presentations. Giving proper attention to the sources used in a project is an imperative part of humanities and language courses all the way from middle school up to university level studies. We will continue to focus on this in our upcoming units. Here is an excellent example of an MLA–style bibliography from one of our hard working MYP 2 students:

Overall, I was happy with the presentations done by MYP 1 and 2 students. Each of them worked hard on their projects and gave an informative presentation on a unique topic related to globalization. Keep up the hard work, MYP 1 and 2 πŸ™‚

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