The conditions for attending school

Students from Pre-School and Years 1-6,  need to bring in  a negative Covid test* from a legal guardian and a completed Affidavit formTests should be no more than 7 days old**

Students from Year 7-12 need toto bring in a negative Covid test for both the student and a legal guardian and a completed Affidavit form . Tests should be no more than 7 days old**

RECOMMENDATION: to simplify the process, send documents electronically through Edupage.

*Exceptions to testing

Exceptions to testing apply to children, parents, and school staff. People are excluded from regular testing of COVID-19 if:

A) they recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months.

B) they are two weeks past the 2nd Moderna or Pfizer vaccination.

C) they are 4 weeks past the 1st Astra Zeneca vaccination.

** based on the order of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, the current test is valid for 7 days in the current color of the Covid traffic light.

Wearing masks

Masks are mandatory on school premises for all staff and students in Primary and Academy. For children in kindergarten, wearing a mask is highly recommended.

A mask is not required during outdoor physical education.

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