Music and Skiing? Meet the Music teacher

Ever wondered what music and skiing can have in common? Let me do some exploring…

#1 Age: the best age to start with music or sport is when you are really a “little one” 4-5years old

#2 Time: you have to practise the instrument several hours every day // you have to do the sport several hours every day

#3: Challenge: you think you have practised the instrument enough and prepared the kids enough for the performance… // you think you are tall enough (180cms) and have skied enough to not be surprised by any….

… the stage is ready, the instruments are ready, but where are the performers??
… amount of snow in the Tatras!

#4 Beauty: the beauty of consonant harmonies, Tchajkovskij s sweet melodies, Chopin s emotional moods in his Nocturnos and sharing this with the students at concerts in beautifull concert halls // the beauty of nature, the mountains, winter scenery, conducting the peaks…

at the Primacial Palace

#5 Satisfaction: when you are on the top of the mountain // when you receive lovely flowers after the performance

At the top of Marmolada
Satisfaction after the performance

#6 Material: when you play on the grand piano is like skiing on natural snow. When you play on an upright or electric piano is like skiing on artificial snow.

#7 Can you think about another common thing??

Homework: Find out when Miss Erika started to learn skiing and when she started to learn playing the piano…

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