Disruptive Education

To a disruptive school year!

Yes, you heard me. I said disruptive. And I meant it. We tend to think of disruptive in a negative sense. But disruptive means innovative, disruptive means groundbreaking. Disruptive means radical, it tears at the fundamental, and it begs us to throw what we are used to out of the proverbial window. What these past two years have shown us, is that we no longer have a normal, we can no longer expect the usual – we have entered a stage in our human existence where the new normal is a constant different. In short: the disruptive is no longer new. It is the new normal. 

Disruptive education is the 21st century trend, the new educational model. A model in which we are are asked to make a sudden break with the current system, and to improve on it. Our children are growing up in a totally different way and they need to be able to build a skill set that will address the needs of the world they will live in. Students need to be equipped with the skill set that will prove to be beneficial for them in this new digital age. How do we as teachers do this? Through constant innovation. Through constant disruption. Because this is the new reality, a new reality that students can, will and need to get used to. 

I recently watched a Ted Ed talk about disruptive education and saw and heard our work here at EISB reflected in pretty much all of the examples. I invite you to watch this short video and I wish you another wonderfully disruptive school year.

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