“Happy Math Christmas” (ep. 1)

The study of mathematics is a fundamental part of a balanced education. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills that contribute to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking.

Here in EISB we implement an MYP mathematics programme tailored to the needs of our learners, seeking to intrigue and motivate them to want to learn its principles. We show our learners authentic examples of how mathematics is useful and relevant to their lives and we encourage them to apply it to new situations.

Mathematics provides the foundation for the study of sciences, engineering and technology. Our EISB learners develop problem-solving techniques that transcend the discipline and that are useful in the world outside school.

In MYP 1, so far, we have been working on:

  • Number systems
  • Operating with whole numbers
  • Number properties and
  • Fractions
We have prepared a Christmas Revision Booklet tailor made to our EISB learners. Just 15 minutes per day is enough to keep them in contact with Math throughout the Holiday season.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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