Sense of community & Teaching skills ◤2◢

EISB Vision Statement
EISB seeks to provide its students with the
learning habits, skills and dispositions to
succeed at higher levels worldwide through
learner-centered education using modern
educational teaching methods taking ad-
vantage of holistic learning opportunities.

Teaching skills & developing a sense of community

Laura and Adela brought a meaningful message about leadership and the power of choice to Mr. Clipp’s class.

To convey their message, they designed an engaging 20-minute lesson for the Year 5 students.


The students stepped in, thinking about how to make the lesson interesting for the younger kids.

Their content-based approach sparked motivation among the students by making the topic interesting and enabling them to apply their learned skills in context, rather than simply memorizing it.

The students also put great effort into creatively assessing their pupils’ understanding.


This experience was a wonderful opportunity to foster community service and enhance communication skills.


And of course, the respective reflection :)



Special thanks to Mr. Clipp and his class.

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