Poem Writing in Drama Lesson

MYP 4 student Anastasiia has written her own poem that explores themes of resilience, finding beauty in both the calm and the stormy moments of life, and the ever-changing nature of emotions mirrored in the weather.


The weather outside, does it matter that much? 
The way that you feel, or how your day might be started
 I think it depends, on what you felt right before,
 What did you do, who you talked to and more.
 The weather is great, there’s a sun, and a warm wind
 It makes you feel happy, it makes you adore 
The way that the leaves are making their way out,
The thing when you walk and you feel like you’re free. 
But sometimes it doesn’t feel great, not at all 
When you go out of your house and don’t see what is wrong. 
The sun still the same, either wind and the trees, 
But you just don’t feel like you felt it last week. 
We appreciate nature whenever we can 
Whenever we’re able to feel that way 
When birds making noises, and people being quiet,
When you’re going out and stay so calmed down.
Outside world with weather is never the reason 
For you being happy, upset, or depressive. 
The way that you feel while living your life 
Can be a choice, you can pick anytime.
And what about you?
Have you been creative today yet?

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