“Writers are Readers,” Year 6 learning Poetry from the Greats

Year 6 spent the past weeks learning from the works of Shakespeare, Lord Byron, E. Dickinson, W. Whitman, E.A. Poe, Edgar, Frost, etc.

What they learned from them was more than literary devices and diction, but meaning, expression, feeling and more… they found a voice.

Here are some of them:

That caring person that you have been to me
V. Podhradska
I’d like to be the caring person that 
you all have been to me
To be the grateful help that you have
always been glad to be
I’d like to be the sun in your life that
always makes your day
As you have been, dear family 
to me, and always led me the right way

I’d support you in the big things and the small things 
like you supported me
I’ll always stand by your side
and forever I will be
I’d like to say the kindly things that 
I so oft have heard from you
I’d like to pay back all those years that
you’ve passed with me through

I’d like to give you back the joy that
you have given me,
and I’m able to sacrifice anything for you
like you did for me
You can trust me in anything
from day to dawn
Even in the darkest hours
I’m the one to lean upon

I’ll never forget all the happy moments 
that you and I share
And I’m grateful that everytime I needed you,
you were always there
And if I could have just one wish 
it would only be;

I’d like to be the caring person that you all have been to me

Look at the animal’s soul D. Kurilo
You saw a freezing cat outside?
I thought you would help it…
But, you said it was dirty

You saw a skinny, bonny dog around the house?
I thought you will feed it…
But you just glanced on it with disgust

You saw a dying,sick bird in the snow?
I thought you will heal it…
But you were scared as a little mouse to be sick by yourself. 

There were two cats in the pet shop
One was beautiful white and the other was dirty grey
You took the beautiful one
And it bit you to blood
Remember look at the animals soul

What I am saying you mean?
I mean don’t judge animal by beauty
Judge by its poor, dying soul

On the Other Side
By Alejandra Bremont Strakova 
Every night I go to bed, 
And then appear in an unknown land,
Where there is candy,
And it’s fancy.
Where the sky is blue, and bright.
Filled with mostly good views.

But sometimes it is not like that,
Sometimes it is very, very dark. 
This makes me really mad.
And there are times that I get sad.
There are creatures all around,   
And sometimes they are behind.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, 
But I can’t feel a thing when they are around,
The things that see me but I can’t see back.
I feel next to nothing, 
Not even a bruise, 
Not even a scratch.

There are times that I can hear them,
Moving up and down. 
I see some eyes in the dark,
Staring at me, blank.
I can feel them coming closer, 
And try to catch my breath.

I get startled, and scared.
Trying to run, to get away.
My legs do not move, 
There is a voice in my head.
Turn your back and fight them,
You have to be brave.

And I know it sounds crazy,
But it aint a lie.
My mom calls it a bad dream, 
but I call it something else.
They try to get into my dreams,
It is a nightmare, Oh I see!

I close my eyes at night
And try to dream of new amazing worlds,
With amazing, different creatures.
Seeing some new and different lands,
Of what could be a better life…
On the other side.
Two faced dancerL. Derkay

Dancers are fighters we go through pain
Sometimes we feel like we’re on a chain
We train alone in our rooms for hours
Knowing that we have zero powers

We just have to be strong and never give up
Because I know that me and dance will never break up
Knowing that your voice doesn’t matter
Sometimes you feel like your life is gonna shatter 

Point your feet straighten your back
All those corrections and we never talk back
Going to all those competitions here and there
You always have to be prepared to how the judges compare

When practise finally finishes and we get off the dance floor

We train more and more even if your body is extremely sore
I just want to think about something different than dance for a minute
But I guess that’s really high above my limit

I really just want to dance and be free

That’s really what Ive ever wanted to feel

When I dance I just want all of my problems disappear
And the whole crowd starts to cheer
I just want to dance and nothing more
And you have to feel that feeling through your core

Poem presentations can be found here:

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