Stories From Around the World! THE ANGLO-CELTIC ISLES EDITION

(As an Irish person, I’m sure you’ll understand why I can’t bring myself to call them “The British Isles”.)

This unit, Year 3 are exploring stories set in places all around the world.

We kicked off this topic with some tales from the continent we all currently live on – Europe.

Some days the students are Mad Hatters, some days they are eternally late White Rabbits, but thankfully the teachers aren’t Queens of Hearts, so no one gets beheaded and we can all continue to have lavish tea parties and play flamingo croquet*.

Do you know this tale? It’s one of my favourites – Alice in Wonderland, set in Oxfordshire, England!

*an idea for external PE, perhaps? 😉

We also read about the elusive Salmon of Knowledge, who, according to Irish mythology, contained all the wisdom of the universe by eating hazelnuts that fell into a nearby well.

Kids’ Verdict: Alice in Wonderland

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