Life of a teacher

The life of a teacher is multifaceted and can vary widely depending on factors such as the level of education (elementary, middle, high school, or higher education), subject area, school environment, and individual teaching style. From empty halls at the end of August, beginning of September my life is planned according to the school calendar and teaching timetable.

Besides teaching there are many other aspects of a teacher’s life, such as: preparation and planning, grading and assessment, professional development, parental communication, classroom management, administrative tasks, community involvement, adaptability, building relationships, emotional investments, work-life balance.

Duties, substitutions/covers for other teachers, assemblies, clubs, staff meetings, school trips, bus rides to external PE activities, fun activities with the colleagues during breaks. My most favorite everyday relaxing activity is sharpening pencils!

The Primary corridor at the end of August
My life for the upcoming 10 months



Bus rides with kids
Bus rides with my dog




Duties during breaks
New playground



Assemblies every Friday

Instructions for substitutions
Sharpening pencils in Year 4 classroom
Fun on the roof



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