MYP1 Drama Students Creating 2D Set Designs

We have been having a busy period just before the Christmas holidays with Y7 Drama students. As part of our new unit we started to learn about the elements of theatre and create our set designs for our favourite stories. Putting a performance on stage is an extremely complex process, so first students had to be introduced to stage directions – and we all know this by now that on stage every direction is meant to be from the actor’s perspective. After the directions of left and right have been established on stage, students picked a story and one particular scene from it and drew their 2D sketches as the first step of designing. We learnt about dimensions of ‘length’ and ‘width’, and also identified the difference between set and props.

Now we are working on the 3D versions of the set models that are based on the finished 2D sketches. Exciting sets for stories are unfolding from Star Wars to Peppa Pig, Harry Potter and even a scene from a horror series will be put on our imaginary stage. So stay tuned for news!

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