Mathematics in action

Mathematics is everywhere around us. And mathematics can be fun. 

Here are some example of maths in action in Year 3. 

Greta and Veronica are introduced to the concept of division and remainders by having to equally divide bags of sweets during Easter celebrations.
Janko, Branko and Olivia experiment with different ways to make the division easier for them.
Competition time! Two teams competed in a multiplication challenge involving the commutative property. An added stress factor was a time constraint. We then had a round table discussion about how they felt under pressure and what their group members did to either ease or add to that pressure.
Veronica and Janko practiced the vocabulary of estimation by making informed guesses about the time it would take them to complete certain tasks and then putting their abilities to the test. The added challenge was to calculate the difference between actual and estimated times. Without knowing it, they also practiced changing between minutes and seconds, and using the clock.
Branko and Olivia practice symmetry using each other as a mirror image.
Greta uses a technique to obtain symmetry in her art project.
Janko and Amir practice symmetry by challenging each other with different patterns.
Arnika and Olivia estimate and check how long it would take them to order a set of numbers from 1-25. Their estimates were very close!
Miss Beata demonstrates how lines of symmetry will be used to complete an art project.
Final symmetry art project.
Sofia and Greta practice multiplication through repetition – time constraint included ;). The motivation factor is that each week they compare their own results to the previous week to see if they are getting better. The goal is to complete the full multiplication square in 10 minutes. Nearly there! Can you beat them?

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