Our City Project!

Year 2 had a wonderful time last month finishing off their unit project. It was an extremely fun and busy month for us all!

We started our city in the beginning of December. We collected so many boxes we had huge piles in our classroom of different shapes, sizes and colours. Everyone who walked into our classroom was shocked, surprised and curious.

We first learned about all the essential buildings in a city and why we need them. We then planned our city on a big piece of card, thinking carefully about where each building should be placed.

Excellent logical thinking and experience from real life came into place!

Off the top of my head:

‘There should be a pizza place and an ice cream shop near the beach because it gets hot and we need snacks and refreshments’

‘The hospital should have a pharmacy nearby so people can buy their medicine straightaway’

‘There should be a bank close to the supermarket because what if you stand in line and you don’t have enough money’

‘We should put lots of houses overlooking the beach so that everyone can have a nice relaxing view’

…And so on! It was absolutely wonderful to see.

Miss Yasmin – Year Two

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