International Food festival

On saturday September 30th, the EISB made a big event on kuchajda lake, where people for many different nations, came together in order to share a little peace of their culture with the EISB comunity.

in my case I was representing my country Ecuador, by cooking a great a very delicious dish called ” Encocado de camaron ” that translated means shrimp in coconut stew. this plate is normally served with rice and green banana fried in the shape of a small tortilla.

The origin of this popular dish dates back to the recipes brought from Africa in colonial times by Africans who settled on the shores of the Esmeraldas province. The basis of this gastronomy are the seafood that is mainly found in the coastal region of Ecuador, such as in forests, mangroves and beaches, where a variety of products from the sea and land such as bananas, coconut and shrimp are obtained that combine with culinary traditions to create the most diverse gastronomy.

This province in particular has a lot of production of shrimp even for export. Ecuador is one is the big if not the biggest shrimp exports for the world. the quality of the shrimps is one of the best in the world.

I hope all the attendants have enjoy the visit as well as the food that was made with a lot of love.

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