Clearing mental clutter

It has been well documented by different schools of psychology that children thrive around order. If everything has its place, if it is neatly organized and set up, then the mind can also work calmly, be more focused and organized. 

Our first art lesson was based around this type of order: knowing where everything was stored in the art supply cupboard, knowing how to use it, clean it up, and put it back in its place. We started off by linking the art lesson to math and learned about different types of lines: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, perpendicular, zigzag etc.

Aiisha decided to organize her work by labeling each square on the back.
Martin helped his organization process by dividing his work into finished and unfinished piles.

Then students used these different types of lines with a specific medium, using one type of medium in each square. In the end, they tried eight different types of media and made a composition with a title, labels and their names. Throughout this process, they found their own materials, experimented with their use, cleaned and replaced them in the art supply cabinet.Some background classical music helped make the atmosphere even more pleasant, so much so that at the end of the lesson the students asked for more!

Natali’s final product.
Aiisha gave her individual squares easy to read labels.
Martin decided to place his title in the center top part of his final poster.
Markus placed his labels bottom-center of each square.
Adelka decided to write her title straight onto her poster. She used clear, big letters which make the title easy to read.

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