MYP Visual Arts Criteria

There are four criteria/objectives used in arts for grading.

The MYP Arts Objectives

Let’s look at each criterion separately.

A Investigating
B Developing
C Creating/Performing
D Evaluating

Let’s look at the way these are graded. Now note, that this grading scale is meant for MYP1/Novice, but it applies to all MYP years, where the terminology differs slightly.



This is taken directly from the new MYP Visual Arts Guide, September 2022. The old guide went by criteria – A Knowing and understanding, B Developing skills, C Creativity, and D Responding.

Both MYP and DP require a frequent use of the Art Journal, which is a sketchbook that the school provides. The journal can be in any form though, and if a student chooses, it can even be digital.

Uses of the art process journal

I hope this helps to understand grading of arts a bit better. These criteria apply to MYP. DP Visual Arts has a different structure, where the students create – Process Portfolio, Comparative Study, Exhibiton, and also have time to develop, document, and exhibit their artwork.

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