Gearing Up For Developing Holistic Learners

As our teachers begin to turn their thoughts to the second semester and a new round of units in MYP, they have been set the challenge of digging deeper into helping our young people to develop the attributes of holistic learners.  Attributes are habits, skills and dispositions that help us to learn for any situation in life not just for school (see examples below). A holistic learner is a someone who has developed these attributes so that they can apply their learning in all situations and who can develop themselves as learner through life.

Teachers will be identifying how they currently do this, looking into what easy changes they can make to provide more opportunities for learners to develop the attributes and discussing those attributes that seem difficult to develop through the context of their subjects.

Teachers will be sharing ideas, monitoring progress and providing feedback to us at the end of semester two (or perhaps even before!).

It is hoped that our young people will achieve much more in and out of school by being the best learners they can be – but to do that we need to help them to do so.  You will be able to follow our progress throughout the second semester.

An information session on this approach will be offered at the start of semester 2 but if you want to know more, please contact

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