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Haunted House and Escape Rooms

On Friday, 21 October, at EISB’s Halloween celebrations, people had a chance to go through

the main attractions of that day – a haunted house and escape rooms. These were projects that

Academy students created during the week combing two events: American Academy Theme

week and EISB Science week.

Halloween has long been a part of American culture and behind the scenes there is a lot of

scientific knowledge that attracts and frightens at the same time. 

Academy students were divided into groups combining students from each class so students

could get to know each other and learn how to work with different age groups. According to a

post-week survey – the majority shared that although it was difficult in the beginning it

was, at the same time, the most enjoyable part – to overcome those challenges when working

with “strangers” as a team, getting to know other students who surround them every day at school and

many of them found new friends. 

Half of the students created escape rooms on different topics. We had five escape rooms:

1) Language and Chemistry group created “The Legend of El Dorado” which presented a

challenging journey of escaping the Gods’ fury by listening to his instructions.

2) Biology and Sociology escape room was turned into a “Psycho morgue” where trapped

visitors needed to find the reason for why a person died (whose organs and body parts were all

over the room). 

3) The Entanglement Room was a physics themed room that encompassed a variety of exciting puzzles that unlocked various combination locks through the use of well known physics constants. The final task unlocked the escape phrase of the room.

4) The Math and Philosophy escape room was called The Great Escape where you had to play a math game with a psychopath. If you won, you could save a kidnapped person by tackling important philosophical questions. 

5) In an Astronomy themed Escape Room participants are trapped on the other planet and need to crack the radio message in order to make contact with Earth. Once contact had been made, the spaceship will leave the undiscovered planet safely and return participants home safely.  

Psycho morgue had the most visitors, congratulations!

The other half of the students were building the haunted house. The right wing of the second floor was open for the first time and it was perfect for this purpose. 

It consisted of six separate rooms which you just needed to pass, though that passage wasn’t

without surprises. Psychopathic patients jumping out from each “nook and cranny,” terrifying

people walking and talking around you, weird and creepy stuff and drawing/writings everywhere

as each proper haunted house should have.

The idea of the haunted house is actually deeper than just burst of adrenaline. Students made

conscious decisions, testing their psycho-resistance and bravery and learn about their emotions

and feelings before going in, while being inside and after it. 

The ratings we got for those attractions were very good. Students put a lot of effort into those

projects. It was not an easy task, but we are proud of the result.

We had fun, students learned new skills like how to work with people they didn’t previously

know, how to stay organized, how to manage a business, how to respect group members and

make new friends. Furthermore, the project was profitable.

I am quite sure that this experience helped to become a bigger and stronger community among

the EISB.

If you want to see more pictures from that day, follow the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eisbratislava/albums/72177720303150886

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