Potatoes from a bag

This school year was for The Gardening club full of new projects. We created a green wall and for the first time we planted potatoes. If you would like to grow it at home but you don’t have much space for it, don’t worry. We might have a solution for you. Grow you potatoes in a plastic bag! One of our very enthusiastic club member wrote a tutorial for you.

How to plant potatoes:

Potatoes can be planted in Spring and harvested in Autumn. Plant them in a bag with a folded edge. Fold the edge inward only twice. Firstly, fill three quarters of the bag with soil. Then mix tiny rocks (in Slovak “perlit”) into the soil. The rocks make growing easier for the plant. When the soil is thoroughly mixed, put fertilizer made of chicken poop into the soil and mix it thoroughly. Then plant the sprouted potatoes. Dig them into the soil deep enough to not be visible. But they have to be at least ten centimeters apart. If part of the root shows, cover it with more soil. Water the plant two times a week. After planting the potatoes, make small holes in the sides of the bag so that spare water can flow out. When the potatoes have grown around ten centimeters, cover the bottom leaves with soil. Do this three times, then let the plant grow freely.
Author: Zoja H. Y6

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