The Benefits of Audiobooks

We all know that audiobooks are a great source of entertainment, allowing us to binge stories no matter where we are. But aside from their entertainment value, are audiobooks good for the brain? We’re happy to report that audiobooks offer tons of brain benefits — from improved reading comprehension to an expanded vocabulary.

Become a Better Reader

Listening to audiobooks can help bridge the gap between decoding words and assigning meaning. Receiving information both visually and audibly reinforces word recognition, improves fluency, builds vocabulary and supports the development of comprehension skills.

Become a More Effective Learner by Listening

Audiobooks help students by allowing them to focus on the meaning of what they’re reading rather than decoding words on a page. A dyslexic’s listening comprehension may be stronger than their reading comprehension. By listening to text, students access content that’s above their current reading levels making learning more efficient.

Increase Self Esteem and Confidence

Audiobooks ease frustration, boost confidence and make reading much more enjoyable by allowing students to independently access text and keep up with peers on both content area reading and pleasure reading.

Foster Motivation and a Natural Love of Stories

Audiobooks help children learn to enjoy literature and build a diverse knowledge base. They are key to unlocking the magical world of stories so they can experience getting lost in a good book just like their peers.

Ms. Eva Gogova

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