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20 and more countries had said on COP26 that they will stop spending money to the fossil fuel projects

The international climate conference’s “energy day” has an effort to block the spending of money by fossil fuel companies. As activists they cleaned arguments of oil, gas, coal spending fossil fuel companies that they need to help meet the energy needs of consumers in the next three decades.

Sessions on this topic begin today on Thursday the fourth. And the goal of them is to move from the old fossil fuel energies to the new cleaner energies to stop global warming.

GLASGOW, Scotland — The United States and 20 other countries announced Thursday that starting next year they would stop spending tax dollars to support international fossil fuel projects, a move the group said would divert $18 billion a year toward clean energy. The pledge comes just a day after even more nations agreed to restrict public financing for coal power.

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Written by Peter Sedlák. Edited by Radovan Mihalik.

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