Back to School: EISB’s Book Week

It’s an odd time… students excited to return to school, teachers excited about “no more tests,” [Covid]. Although EISB has been working hard to remain open, with the weather warm, the sun out, EISB has opened a celebration of reading and writing with its Book Week, and things seem to be getting back to “normal.”

It was fun walking into the school’s reception in the morning with hearing the boasting sound of the Academy’s Jozef Ducky enticing passer’s-by to peruse the plethora of Used Books for sale, donated as a charity partnering with a school in South Sudan to build wells in the water-scarce region.

Besides Used Book sales, there are also New Book sales, reading contests, writing competitions, Book Illustration activities, extra reading time, room decorations, costume days…… the school is abuzz with energy.

There will be multiple articles as the week progresses, to start off, here is a contest that all can share. The EISB teachers have submitted some of their favorites and recommended reading. Can you guess which of the teachers listed go with each book?

TeacherBook  (A,B,C…)
Mr. Ilias 
Mr. Jayme 
Mr. Kalna 
Mr. Ollie 
Mr. Ray 
Mr. Roman 
Mr. Stubna 
Mr. Thomas 
Ms Lisa 
Ms. Beata 
Ms. Bronya 
Ms. Erika 
Ms. Eva G 
Ms. Jana 
Ms. Karo 
Ms. Maria 
Ms. Merna 
Ms. Suvi 
Ms. Teresa 
Ms. Vereniki 
Ms. Yasmin 
Mr. Dzamko 
Mr Vereniki 
Ms. Svetlana 
Ms. Eva M 

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