Reading Buddies

When I set up my classroom at the beginning of the year, I really wanted to create an area for my children to read and relax in. I was happy to see that it was their favorite space in the classroom and it made them look forward to ‘chilling with a book’.

As a part of Book Week, we decided to invite Year 1 to join us for some quality reading time. It was lovely to see how older children enjoy looking after and nurturing a younger child. Each Year 4 children turned into a mini teacher/parent that lesson — they held up their books clearly and read to their younger partners slowly and carefully. They held their hands and guided them in choosing new books.

They read, they laughed and asked them good questions, which made for an extremely engaging and enjoying reading time for our little ones. It was absolutely lovely to see!

They all enjoyed it so much that they all asked if we could do it every week πŸ™‚

Miss Yasmin – Year 4

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