EISB Academy Bolsters its academic offerings with Electives

It has been a busy summer for EISB. 

Along with the addition of its Pre-School and major upgrades to its Math/Science, Communications and ARTS departments, EISB has also bolstered its academic offerings in the Academy with over 25 elective courses for students to choose from in order to personalize and customize their learning experience.

The upgrades to departments include a more focused approach in subjects, allowing increased depth by aligning and integrating courses such as math/science, English/Humanities with ARTS also participating.  

In addition, the students can also specialize through a plethora of electives to support, supplement or add to their learning.

Some of the Elective choices include:

Science of Happiness
Intro to Drama
Worldwide Cultures
Chemical Analysis
Dance club
Russian Language and Culture
Introduction to Psychology
French Language and Culture
English Lab
Wilderness Survival Skills
Math Lab
World Geography
Hispanic World
Thursday – Career Goals and Guidance: Students will discuss and explore career opportunities
Thursday – German
Thursday – CAS
Drawing Challenges
Preparation for participation scientific olympiads.
Slovak History
Functioning of the EU

…and we’re only getting started…. stay tuned 🙂

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