Replanting plants

by Vlad, Miso, Matej (Year 6)

Planting can be really hard, you have to remember to water them every day. When it gets too big for your flower pot you have to replant it, which means another lot of hard work. 

Recently I tried replanting my flower, and it was pretty hard, because it didn’t want to come out of the pot. I started shaking the pot, but the flower fell out and got destroyed 🙁  

The effort to replant the plant takes much time and if you are clumsy like some people definitely it is going to make so much mess.

What happens to a plant when it is out of soil?

If you take out a plant and not plant it in soil it will get dry and it will die. It will die because the soil has many vitamins for the plant and when the plant doesn’t have the soil it will die. Some roots can stay inside the soil and when you are growing fruits and the fruit tree grows from the unhealthy roots, the fruits will die. 

Drooping leaves means that your plant doesn’t feel good. It usually caused by a lack of water. The fine roots that absorb the water are usually damaged after replanting therefore the plant cannot easily absorb the water. Carefully preserving the root system as much as possible can prevent this problem. And as I think, one of the best tools for replanting your plants carefully is – Potex,  a pot in a very unique shape, that has a holder. Using which You can replant your plants much easier!              

Potex Pots

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