Kid Genius program now available at EISB

 KID GENIUS” is an International educational center for the healthy development of children’s brains. The goals of Kid Genius are to encourage and develop the intellectual skills and abilities of children from an early age. Center works in 12 countries and 182 schools worldwide, and it is the only program in Europe that applies the original Hikari Japanese method of mental arithmetic.

Kid Genius offers three programs for children:

1. Hikari mental arithmetic – is a traditional Japanese program based on the use of an ancient calculating device abacus (Jap. Soroban). Through the practice of mental arithmetic, the child is developing strong focus and attention span, long term and short term memory, analytical and logical thinking, creativity and visualization capability, self-confidence. The program is intended for children age 5-12 years old.

2. Numicon – is an educational tool that supports math’s teaching from early years. It is created by the Oxford University Press. Numicon has a multi-sensory approach that builds a deep understanding of math’s, developing fluency, reasoning and problem-solving. It helps children to understand the notion of numbers, relations between numbers, and a range of mathematical concepts through play. It is intended for children aged 3-5 years old.

3. Easy math – is a program that will teach your child how to mentally solve mathematical problems in a simple and fast way.

The program covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as prime factors, exponents, square and cubic roots, equations, fractions, conversions, binary code, time calculations, proportions…

The program is intended for children from 10 years old.

Mental arithmetic and why is it important for children’s development?

Abacus computing contributes to strong brain activity that has been proven to influence the development of cognitive potentials. In that way, the abacus becomes an important basis for life, which ensures better success in school and preparation for further prestigious schooling. Abacus arithmetic encourages a range of skills and abilities, such as fast arithmetic, improved attention, memory and concentration. Analytical thinking, good memory and strong focus are also developed. Children who master abacus computing, have a greater opportunity for optimal development of their leadership skills, intellect and emotional intelligence.

The goal of the Kid Genius school is for every child to maximally awaken their mental capacities and become a “better version of themselves”. Healthy mental development is achieved in a fun and playful way, with a program based on three key things: abacus calculation, mental arithmetic, and didactic games.

The curriculum is flexibly and carefully designed considering the individual needs of each child. Learning is practised in small groups (6 to 12 participants), through fun activities, various games and competitions, with the most important being a relaxing and creative atmosphere and positive emotional relationships.

Also, our special internet platform is available to the participants, with which they can do homework and practice at home.

The program is led by our teachers, pedagogues and masters of mental arithmetic. Classes are held twice a week for 90 min.

The program consists of 2 levels of mental arithmetic (BASIC and ADVANCED). Each level lasts 10 months. At the end of each level, a test is taken and a certificate of completed level is obtained.

The monthly fee for EISB students is 79 euro.

What is Numicon?

Numicon is intended for children aged 3 to 5. Classes are held once a week for 1 hour. The work is carried out in smaller groups of 6 participants where each child is provided with an individual approach.

Numicon is a proven approach to teaching and learning, designed to give children the understanding of mathematical ideas and relationships that is essential for successful reasoning and problem-solving. The use of apparatus builds children’s mental image of abstract concepts and helps to develop their understanding of the connections between different areas of mathematics.

More than 6,000 schools are using it in the UK. It was developed by experts from Oxford University and in 2015 was named the world’s best educational mathematical method (ERA). Numicon covers the entire area of numbers, basic calculations, and different mathematical patterns.

Numicon is popular around the world, because the process of learning and understanding mathematical concepts takes place through touch, images, and play.   Children discover how the shapes and their patterns relate to each other through play and exploration. The shapes are ‘pictures’ of numbers. Purposeful activities help them make connections with patterns and their relationships.

Numicon at the early childhood level gives children a sense of what numbers are. It also provides them with the language of maths – positional words, action words, relational words.

Groups are small from 5-10 children per group. We want our teachers to know every child individually and to be able to adapt our learning model to help them grow at their own pace. “The goal of mathematics is to permanently develop logical thinking, because over time formulas and details are forgotten, and the ability to think logically remains for the rest of our lives.”

The monthly fee for EISB students is 49 euro.

Easy Math is a program that will teach your child how to mentally solve mathematical problems in a simple and fast way.

There is confusion and misunderstanding of basic laws in mathematics. It causes rejection and fear in children.

We know how to bring basic mathematical principles closer to children in different ways.

Through our method, children can look at one problem from several perspectives and adopt techniques they find the simplest. This way, they become more confident and very happy to return to mathematics.

The fundamentals of the Easy Math program are based on Tranktenberg’s method of mental calculation and the basics of Vedic mathematics.

By practicing this technique, students develop exceptional speed and precision in calculations. And what is more important, they learn how to think in mathematical terms. They increase creativity in problem-solving, enhance visualization, sharpen focus and concentration, and build self-confidence.

From the beginning, children are motivated to perform all operations mentally, without the use of pencil and paper. This contributes to the development of their cognitive abilities.

The program is intended for children from 10 years old. Whether your children need help with math or advanced practice, Easy Math can help.

The methodology of course is based on a strong mathematical foundation. It starts from basic calculations and number sense and goes up to more complex calculations. Students are motivated to think and talk about the different perspectives.

At beginner levels, we cover complements, simplified methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, as well as prime factors, exponents and simple square and cubic roots.

The Advance levels cover complex multiplications, squares, cubes, equations, fractions, conversions, binary code, time calculations, proportions…

So, what are the benefits of this practice? Better Problem Solving.

number sense

becoming friendly with mathematics

strong concentration

increasing memory

developing analytical abilities


The program has 3 levels and each lasts one school semester, 5 months. Classes are organized online through the Zoom application or as regular classes in our school in Digital park. Classes are twice a week for 90 minutes.

The monthly fee for EISB students is 79 euro.

All of our classes are in Slovak and English language with the possibility for online classes.

You can sign up for Kid Genius on Edupage or contacting the office.

More information about the Kid Genius program can be found at:

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