Year 6 Space Expo

On 24 Oct 2019, the Year 6 class of EISB held a Space Expo during the school’s Open House.  A unique way to display their Science Unit learning objectives.

During the unit, the students were tasked to identify earth-like exoplanets that could sustain life, explain why they believed so, compared how living there would be similar and different to living on earth, then design a way to  travel there using current and futuristic technology.  All of which they could choose, as long as they could back it up with science and sources.

Upon entry to the exhibition, visitors were given a scenario and goals for their visit.  One goal was to choose a new planet to live on, the other was to challenge students by asking tough questions and rate their communication/presentation skills.

The students goal of the expo, beyond sharing what they are learning in school, was using science and creative communication skills to convince as many people to choose their planet as their next home.

Although the expo was a demonstration on learning, it was also a lesson in presentation and persuasive communication skills.

Besides impressive displays, even more, hearing students  calculating  speed, distance and time in light-years (9.5 trillion km), explaining the use and creation of artificial gravity and magnetic fields, feeling comfortable discussing the benefits of ion vs fusion engines including plasma, anti-matter and laser-powered solar sails. 

Impressive for a group of 10-11 year-olds, a result of the schools educational approach to modern education.

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