Teacher Feature: Peter Krajcir

His journey to become EISB’s Individuals and Societies and English Language and Literature teacher, however, contained many detours. While studying law, Peter quickly realized that it was the development of human societies that captivated him more than legal arguments.

Through the study of history, he discovered the passion for languages that lead him to deepen his knowledge of English, German, and Latin. During his research in 16th century printed books, Peter started teaching Latin on a medical faculty with students from all around the world which lead to the greatest discovery on his path. He fell in love with teaching.

Lastly, it was Peter’s work in a beer brewing company in Iceland that further expanded his internationality.

As a trained historian and English teacher, Peter’s passion does not only lie in the ancient past and its stories, he is absorbed with the significance of shared human experience for the present as well as for the future. This fervor drives his eagerness to teach and to constantly improve in his chosen field.

When not teaching, Peter enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He also devotes time to reading science fiction and fantasy novels in which he finds important insights into human nature. Believing in balance of the mind and body, Peter frequently visits gyms and various sport venues while also developing his creativity. He recently started learning to draw and his origami collection is growing steadily.

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