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International Day of Human Space Flight

To mark the International Day of Human Space Flight, the Environmental Club took a hands-on approach to learning about life in space. We gathered together and discussed what astronauts do in space, what they see from their windows, and how their days unfold.

Using styrofoam semi-spheres, we created 3D models of planets. Each member chose a planet to paint, making sure to match its real-life appearance. Some chose Mars with its reddish color, while others opted for the blues and greens of Earth.

Alongside the planets, we painted the universe itself, depicting galaxies, stars, and nebulae. This added backdrop brought our cosmic scene to life and highlighted the vastness of space.

Through this activity, we celebrated human achievements in space exploration while gaining a deeper understanding of the universe. It was a fun and educational way to commemorate this special day and ignite our curiosity about the cosmos.

Creating lasting memories, exploring planets on International Day of Human Space Flight each child in the Environmental Club picked a 3D planet. With small hammers and brushes, they carefully chipped away at the planets to discover hidden gemstones inside. It was a lot of fun.

Ms. Eva Gogova  

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