█▓▒▒░░░Field Trip: Film Studio░░░▒▒▓█

Creating an audio-visual product is not an easy task; for that reason, our students were challenged to complete a film recording workshop at Pagoda Studio: Profesionálny filmový ateliér.

The aim of this task-based workshop was to provide students with the necessary tools to discover the challenges and procedures involved in creating an audio-visual product.


The director from the Pagoda Studio, Mr. Roman, welcomed our students by presenting to them a glance of his own product portfolio as well as an overview of the different aspects to consider when producing a film. Students showed great interest during this part of the trip, as they were able to ask questions about the different equipment, tips, and advice for a successful film-making career.


During this part of the visit, our media students could experience firsthand the atmosphere and dynamics during a recording session. It all began with an introduction to the different equipment needed to make it happen, from light set-up, microphone placement, cameras and camera lenses, the director’s screen output, to actors and crew members roles.

Armed with a tailored script created by our drama expert, Ms. Agnes, and the assistance of the studio director, Mr. Roman, our students were able to give life to their vision of the production.

During this two-hour workshop, our students could ‘shoot, shoot, shoot’, as Mr. Roman said during his opening, discover their own place within the recording-studio environment, and improve their practical skills.

Directing, operating the master recorder, setting the lights, cameras, sound, and clapperboard.

Additionally, they benefited from the amazing acting guidance from our own expert, Ms. Agnes.

Stay tuned to see the product.

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