Reading Buddies: Growing Together Through Shared Learning.

Today, Year 6 students visited Year 2 for a collaborative library session, and it was a tremendous success for everyone involved. It was truly heartening to witness our responsible Year 6 students demonstrating patience and providing valuable support to their younger peers.

Pairing Year 2 and Year 6 students for reading brings various benefits for both age groups, fostering academic, social, and emotional growth. Younger Year 2 students enhance their reading skills with guidance from older peers, gaining exposure to advanced vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Simultaneously, Year 6 students strengthen their literacy skills, developing leadership and mentorship abilities. This collaboration builds positive peer relationships, encouraging empathy, patience, and responsibility. The shared reading experience creates a supportive learning environment, boosting overall student engagement and cultivating a sense of community within the school. Due to the positive response, we aim to make this a regular session.

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