Applied Creativity Club – Unbuild to Rebuild

When we create something we use parts that come from something else. So we must find new uses for something that had a different purpose. Destruction process might be a necessary step for building something new.

At the beginning of the session the students chose a random object of daily use. They sketched it. Then the harder part came, they were supposed to find 30 unusual ways how to use this object. We trained the flexibility of our brains. At first it seemed impossible to find so many uses for scissors or a brush, but then the ideas started pouring in.

The second challenge of this session was to take a piece of paper and with scissors cut it in an unusual way.

Next part of the session was about taking simple objects and reuse them in a different way. This is what the designers usually do when creating something new.

In our case we used paper boxes and paper cups to create a board game.


And we used a plastic soap container and paper boxes to create a giant marker.

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