Applied Creativity Club – The Power of Dreams

On this session of The Applied Creativity Club we talked about the importance of dreams that we have and how we can accomplish them.

The students were supposed to think of their dreams. At first they were supposed to write down a simple dream project they could accomplish by themselves this week. Like, come to school on a bike or talk to a friend they haven’t seen for a long time. We called these dreams the Earth Dreams.

Then we talked about a bigger project that could be done within a month and they would need a friend to help them make it happen. Like create a short documentary about creativity or draw a comics about a famous inventor. We called this a Mountain Project.

In the end the students were supposed to write down their biggest dream project – the Sky Project. This could take them up to a year to accomplish and a whole community could help them realise it. Like painting a giant mural about friendship on an abandoned building or inventing a solution for global warming.

When they wrote down all their dream projects, they started creating three wooden dream ladders. One for Earth dreams and they painted it red. Then they created an orange one  for Mountain dreams and lastly a yellow one for Sky dreams.

At the end of the session the students attached the three ladders together. This process helped them realise that smaller or bigger dreams can be achieved step by step 🙂

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