Y3 Danny’s “summary” of the Wizard of Oz

For our story-telling unit, the children were asked to summarise a story of their choice.

Danny had recently been listening to a podcast on Spotify called ‘The Sleepy Bookshelf’. Inspired by the audiobook, he story he chose to summarise was The Wizard of Oz.

It took Danny 3 days to finish writing this masterpiece. He truly went above and beyond the task assigned to him and managed to write something truly magical at just 7 years old!

Well done, Danny!

Happy Reading 🙂 <3

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Dorothy. She got carried away from Kansas and landed in a weird but beautiful place. When she landed she looked around her and saw a little old woman. The woman said to Dorothy to look at her house, so she did, and to her great surprise there was a witch! She cried with a bit of surprise. The little old woman told Dorothy to go down the yellow path, so she did.

A few minutes later she found a scarecrow on a pole in a field. He hadn’t a brain inside him. He was entirely made of straw. They sat down together and talked about their lives. “When I was made” he started “which was yesterday.” They chatted all day. It got late and they started to get sleepy.

The next day they both went to Oz. Later that day they found a little cottage. The Scarecrow was never tired but Dorothy was. She fell asleep. The next day Dorothy awoke. They were just about to leave but!… they saw a shining light. It was a… tin Woodman! Later on… wait a second! I forgot to say something! They both took the Woodman with them.

They went down the road and found a lion. The lion swooped at them and nipped at Toto (Dorothy’s dog). But then Dorothy said “What a foolish lion trying to eat a small puppy” “I know” the lion said “I’m the most foolish lion I know” he sighed sadly.

They went on to Oz but they heard a sound. “Oh no!” “The Kalidars!” said the lion. “What are they?” said Dorothy “They’re monsters!” said the lion “Bad monsters! “They’re the worst monsters I know”, and then they swung down. The lion managed to defeat them, so they went on. They crossed the river and lost the Scarecrow on a pole. They got him back and went to Oz and got the things they wanted. Dorothy lost her chance to go back home but used her shoes to go back home.

The End.

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