Post-Halloween Makeup Fun – Beware of the Bruised Students!

After the Halloween fun and upon returning to school, we made the most out of our makeup creating skills with MYP 8 and 9 in Drama class and painted on fake bruises. Firstly, students learnt about the origin of makeup and what had been in use as ingredients since 6000 BCE. They proved to be already knowledgeable about certain historical eras – well done! Further on we discovered that in ancient Egypt both men and women wore makeup as part of their daily routine, however, this was the privilege of noble and rich women only in the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Tudor Elisabeth, the Virgin Queen in England, contributed to her own death by using poisonous lead to emphasise her long-lasting virginity and throughout the centuries belladonna was a popular substance to brighten ladies’ eyes and cause permanent blindness.

Following this we learnt the basics of creating fake bruises, an important skill that can contribute to film and stage productions. Students painted their own and each other’s arms very creatively, applied bandages where they felt the need for completing their wounds with them and they even managed to trick some teacher colleagues with their pretended injuries:)

Drama classes can be fun indeed!

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