Who is the new theatre and drama teacher?

Zuzana Garaiova
Performer, Drama & Theatre teacher

Hello, I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself yet. The past four weeks have been quite hectic, but I’m delighted that I’ve finally found a moment to chat with you briefly. This way, you can get to know me as a person and a human being. Allow me to share my journey with you.

Dance Days 2023 in Banska Bystrica, Photo by Marek Jancuch

I stumbled upon theatre and performance at the age of 16 when I was approached by… let’s call him THE ONE WHO is now ‘to blame’ for why I didn’t become a doctor. I spent three wonderful years at a drama school in my hometown. I will always cherish every moment that has made me the person I am today.

Physical theatre workshop with a performer Silvia Svitekova. Photo by S. Piatrik.

Throughout my time in grammar school, I craved adventure and independence. These wild thoughts led me to the decision to leave my hometown at the age of 19. I moved to England, started a new life from scratch, attended university, auditioned for various films and theater productions, collaborated on university projects, and just lived a busy life. You know that quote: ‘young, wild, and free’? Yes? Well, that was me. My life was all about theater, performing, and auditioning. It was crazy. I was so ambitious and hungry for the feeling that performing evoked in my veins…

In 2016, I completed my MA in Contemporary Performance Practice at the University of Kent. However, juggling auditions, school projects, and filming in the hustle and bustle of London prompted me to delve into my inner self. After careful consideration and self-reflection, I made the decision to return home in 2017. It had been a long, seven-year journey, and I yearned for a change.

Shortly after my return, I received offers to work on various projects in Slovakia, including TV series and theatre productions. However, the turning point came in 2018 when I became actively involved in Divadlo K’s theatre performances and participated in their contemporary productions.

Since 2021, my primary interest has been in physical performance. I have been involved in cooperation with Livia Balazova (Divadlo Studio Tanca) and participated in workshop with Robert Suchy, who is primarily based in London. I am interested in applying drama games and performance techniques to build confidence, address trauma, and cope with negative emotions, ultimately leading to greater self-awareness.

Work in progress, Divadlo K, Photo by S.Piatrik

At this stage of my life, I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of contemporary performance to nurture creativity and foster teamwork and communication skills. I aspire to persist in this work and assist others in crafting exciting and engaging experiences.

I am always happy to talk, so if you would like to get involved, cooperate, or simply have fun in workshops, please get in touch. I would be delighted.

Ms. Zuzana

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