The current Covid regulations

We are currently experiencing more cases of Covid positive children in the classrooms, so please read the current rules carefully.

Positive COVID case

  1. If there is a positive case in the class, then only the positive student/teacher will go to into quarantine for at least 5 days, not the whole class. A student can only return with a doctor’s note officially ending the quarantine. The student is then required to wear a mask for  5 days after the return to class.   
  2. In this case, all other students in the class must wear a mask for the next 10 days. (The FFP2 respirators are recommended in this case.)
  3. If there is a positive member in the household, the 5-day quarantine is required only for nonvaccinated students. If a child is vaccinated or has recovered, they CAN come to school if they show no symptoms, even if someone in THE FAMILY is positive.
  4. If a student comes into contact with someone who has tested positive OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL and OUTSIDE THE HOUSEHOLD, he or she can come to school if he or she has no symptoms and at the same time meets the quarantine exception (fully vaccinated or recovered); otherwise the student must enter the 5-day home quarantine.

Conditions for returning to school after any absence

When a student is away from school for  more than 3 consecutive days, parents are required to send in a notification of no symptoms through EduPage. This includes both illness and school/family holidays.

As stated above, students who have been absent due to COVID will need a doctor’s note in order to return to school.  Students absent for other illnesses will need to provide a doctor’s note if they are out for longer than 3 days. (NOTE: this should be provided to the school on the third day, whether the child returns to school then or not.)

Wearing masks

Students no longer have to wear masks during lessons, but they can if they wish.
Students do still have to wear masks in other places at school: in the canteen, corridors, toilet, etc.
Students no longer have to wear a mask when playing outdoors during Aftercare.
Teachers still need to wear masks all the time.

Entry to school for visitors

Visitors are once again allowed in school, but they must submit a no symptoms form to the EISB Office.

All information about the new Covid rules for schools is available on the website of The Ministry of Education.

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