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MYP 3 Trashion show

Trashion show is a staple unit in our Product Design. Not only do we learn about fashion but we also learn about recyclable materials, how to recycle them and how long it takes for these items to decay in nature. The students wrote a little about their own outfits.

This is an exquisite piece of clothing made by the designer Tamara Tardova. This outfit is made completely out of recycled materials from head to toe. One of the amazing things about this outfit is that you can dress it up with a pair of high heels or you can just dress it down with a pair of sneakers. This look was inspired by the 1960s when the miniskirt became popular as well as just overall short dresses. The designer also took inspiration from the Victorian era when the corset became popular. The designer took these ideas and customized them to his own style. The mini skirt is still short but it is more poofy and has slight ruffles and the corset isn’t so fitting on the body, it’s more loose. For her version of the miniskirt, the designer used trash bags (which can take 20 years to decay), tape (which takes 10-20 years to decay), staples and a hair clip (which are both metal and depending on the size it decays, small pieces take about 100 years to decay). For her version of the corset, the designer used trash bags (which can take 20 years to decay), tape (which takes 10-20 years to decay), plastic string (which can take 450-1000 years to decay).The accessories include a handmade bracelet and necklace which was made out of small rubber bands which can take up to 65 years to decay. You can see that the detail on these accessories is tremendous and the designer has carefully crafted them herself. The whole outfit put together looks stunning on our model, we cant take our eyes off her.  This whole can take 450-1000 years to dissolve and decay.

My name is Nina and I’m from MYP 3. In design we had a unit called Trashion show. Trashion show is when every student creates their own outfit (in groups of course). The outfit should be made out of used and  unneeded materials or out of trash. Every outfit has its own theme. My theme is prom. In other words my dress is a prom dress. The top of my dress is made out of sellotape, trash bags and cotton wool (used to tie up the corset). In total it would take a thousand years for my top to decay. I used trash bags, glue, tape and cotton strings (to tie up the petticoat). The bottom of the outfit will take approximately a thousand years to decay. The major component that is making my outfit last so long is the sellotape.

Hello guys this is my outfit. It contains a t-shirt, high waisted jeans, French hat, glasses, and a face mask. For the t-shirt I used trash bags, the black one is thicker than the green one. Trash bags decay even for 1000 years. For the jeans I used some old black jeans that I found. For the small details on them I used permanent marker. For the holes in the jeans I used a knife because it looks better than with scissors. I prefer doing the holes while you are wearing the jeans so its better looking and on the correct place. Than I dipped them in bleach. For the hat I used plastic bag and some papers that can take up to 450-1000 years of decaying. For the glasses I used plastic bottle and wire that takes around 450-1200 years of decaying. And as last for the face mask I used plastic bag takes around 450 years of decaying.

Hello I made an outfit from trash. Its decaying process takes 1620 years and 2 months. Its used materials are trash bags, paper, leather, metal, tape, and staples. My outfit is a fashion show theme based outfit meaning crazy. The outfits inspiration was rock climbing pants and an oversized shirt.

Hello, I made an outfit from trash. It’s decaying process takes 1005 years and 5 months. It’s used materials are trash bags, old recycled clothes, staples, paint and bleach. My outfit was inspired by skateboarding brands like the company Thrasher or Vans. I didn’t copy their type of clothes. I just got inspiration from those brands and made it into something original. I hope you like it!

Hello, this is my outfit. It was inspired by the great video game called Minecraft. The character I picked from Minecraft was Enderman. He is black and tall with purple and pink eyes. I mainly used cardboard, fabric and paper. Cardboard takes about 3 months to decade, fabric takes anywhere from 20-200 years and paper from 2-6 weeks. This outfit is very easy to put on. The t-shirt is glued to the head and the hands are put on separately.

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