Handbook for EISB Home Learning

Dear EISB Community, 

As you may have already heard, the Gov. has closed down Year groups from Year 6 on up. Therefore these students will move to online learning. 

Included is our Handbook for EISB Home Learning.  All student will keep their timetable as if in school, no changes to times, breaks, lessons, etc.  The only difference is that the students will need devices and participate online. All regular approaches to learning continue as if in classes: discussions, group work, presentations, etc.  Participation is just as important in home learning as it is when the students are in school. 

It is NOT expected that you would need to supervise your children, it is expected that the students at this level remain independent and responsible just as would be at school.  They should be busy enough with their lessons. So you can focus on your work.   If there are issues, the teachers will let you know. 

Although we prefer the students in school, we hope that this measure is successful in getting them back as soon as possible.   We’ll do our best to make this as positive an experience as possible.

If there are any concerns or questions, please contact your class teacher. 

Thank you for your feedback, flexibility and support.

Mr. Jayme

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