Patacones: A Culinary Journey from the Ecuadorian Coast to Crispy Delight

Let me take you on a flavorful expedition through the creation of one of Ecuador’s beloved treats: the patacones. Originating from the coastal regions and celebrated across the country, these golden delights crafted from green bananas offer a delightful crunch and savory satisfaction. Join me as we unravel the journey of crafting patacones from start to crispy finish.

Transporting Green Bananas: The journey of patacones begins with the transportation of green bananas from the coastal regions of Ecuador. These firm, unripe bananas make the perfect base for our crispy delicacy.

From Peel to Cylinders: Once the green bananas arrive, they are carefully peeled and sliced into small cylinders. This simple yet crucial step sets the foundation for the delightful texture of the patacones.


The First Fry: The small banana cylinders take a dip in hot oil for their first fry. This initial frying tenderizes the bananas and sets the stage for the transformation that follows.


Smash and Soak: Post-frying, the cylinders are gently smashed into flattened rounds. These rounds then take a plunge into a bowl of water infused with a pinch of salt. This quick bath infuses them with a hint of saltiness, enhancing their flavor profile.

The Final Fry for Crispy Goodness: The rounds, now seasoned and flattened, make their way for the second frying session. This final fry ensures the ultimate crispy texture and locks in the savory saltiness, turning them into irresistible patacones.

The art of crafting patacones is not merely culinary—it’s a tradition passed down through generations, a symbol of Ecuadorian heritage and a staple in many households.

Finally, the crispy, golden patacones are ready to be served. Whether enjoyed as a snack or as a side dish alongside various Ecuadorian delicacies, their crunchy goodness never fails to delight the taste buds.

Crafting patacones is not just about preparing a dish; it’s about preserving traditions, embracing flavors, and savoring the joys of Ecuadorian cuisine.

As we celebrate the art of cooking and the rich tapestry of Ecuadorian flavors, may each crispy bite of patacones bring forth a taste of tradition and culinary delight.

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