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We use variation of active learning in Intensive English Program. Active learning is an approach to instruction that involves actively engaging students with the course material through discussions, problem solving, case studies, role plays and other methods. Active learning approaches place a greater degree of responsibility on the learner than passive approaches such as lectures, but instructor guidance is still crucial in the active learning classroom. Active learning activities may range in length from a couple of minutes to whole class sessions or may take place over multiple class sessions. Active learning reinforces important material, concepts, and skills. Provides more frequent and immediate feedback to students. 

Examples of active learning techniques include role-playing, case studies, group projects, think-pair-share, peer teaching, debates. There are three main cognitive learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. It is well known that the students succeed more effectively when they have an opportunity participate in hands on activity. Within IE the students manipulate with pictures, objects, tools. They physically work with paper or plastic letters, words, they build sentences. They learn various type of reading, work on reading comprehension. They play educational games focused on grammar rules. The time is also dedicated to auditory exercises in combination with reading or writing. The most challenging part is verbal expression. We spend enormous time on talking exercises, retelling stories, building stories according to pictures, describing pictures or drawing them.

The Intensive English lessons are vivid, interactive and very helpful. They help students to join their homeroom classes quicker. Take a look at the videos and enjoy the atmosphere with us:)

Ms. Eva Gogova


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