Intensive English-Year 1 Focus

The Intensive English Program is open to non-native speakers of English who have a serious desire to improve their language skills. The course of study is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components. In language learning, taking an intensive language course is your “all in” option. Intensive courses focus on teaching you a lot in a minimal amount of time. In EISB The Intensive English program every student has his/her own learning program “tailored” according to his/her own abilities, skills and pace of learning. Everyone will succeed! Focus of the students in Year 1 is individual as well- We focus on letter sound recognition, beginning reading skills, verbal expression and story comprehension. The students who are able to read start with “reading wheels” and move step by step to easy story literature. The goal is to be able to read a simple story, be able to work with the text. The final step is the ability to write the story by himself/herself and type it on the computer. This process is applied on all the age levels. The best English programs combine spoken English classes and English conversation courses with classes that develop all the language skills.

Ms. Eva Gogova (click the link )

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