EISB supports Bears for Kids

EISB will cooperate with the children’s hospital NUDCH in their Bears for Kids program. The program collects used Teddy Bears(only bears) to give to children in need at their hospital on Kramare.

EISB Bears for Kids program

It’s a wonderful program for kids, not only for the receiver, but also for the giver. Few Charity programs impact children as much, because in this, it is the children that make a choice to share their own toys (something they own and value) in an effort to help other children in need. It makes giving tangible for them. And for some, will be a very emotional choice. It’s our hope that children fully experience the sacrifice and joy of giving, and thereby develop the attribute of Charity.

Those wishing to participate in the program can bring Teddy Bears to the EISB reception, which will be delivered to NUDCH on Tuesday, 10 Dec.

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