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Hot Chocolate Adventure

Step into a world where creativity, science, and math converge in the delightful universe of hot chocolate. This blog invites you on a journey through the creation of charming hot cup chocolate crafts, a whimsical hot chocolate marshmallows melting snowmen experiment, and a sweet math addition activity using marshmallows.

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Melting Snowmen Science Experiment: The children engaged in a hands-on experiment, observing how marshmallows respond to the warmth of hot chocolate. This sensory exploration sparked discussions about changes in temperature and states of matter. Followed by the ultimate reward – a cozy cup of hot chocolate for the little scientists.


Marshmallow Math Magic: We’ve used marshmallows as a hands-on tool to make addition come to life. Children have been combining marshmallows to understand the concept of adding numbers together.

Paper Cup Hot Chocolate Craft: Children crafted adorable mugs using paper plates as the base. They’ve personalized these mugs with vibrant colors and patterns, reflecting their unique artistic flair.



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