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Castle Spotlight – Dream Castle

(This is the third in a series of short articles highlighting the four castles currently under construction in Year 5)

Year 5 students Aiisha Kadyr, Nastya Chekmareva and Adela Bubenickova have been meticulously working on their “Dream Castle” for the past several weeks, bringing in some of their own materials and even working at home on certain parts of their castle. They have take a different approach than the other groups by creating and painting different parts of their castles separately with the plan to assemble it all at the end.

“At first we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do so we made one part (the tower) and then decided what the next part would like compared to the tower and we just kind of went on like that,” Aiisha explained recently.

The “Dream Castle” is coming along beautifully and should indeed offer peaceful rest to its inhabitants upon completion.

Check back here tomorrow for the final installment in this series.

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