MYP 1 EAL Students Learnt Poems by Heart ❤

Waves of excitement had been upon us for a couple of lessons as Y7 EAL students prepared with their poem reciting performances. We reached the end of a big topic that included discoveries about nature, more precisely animals. We learned about their environments, where they live: in the jungle, savannah, salt or fresh water, in the Arctic or Antarctica; how to classify and categorise them: are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Furthermore, we touched some Biology in terms of how to classify them: do they belong to the groups of vertebrates, invertebrates, what are insects, mammals or amphibians.

Students were assigned a task to pick their favourite animal and create an informative presentation about it. We became knowledgeable about the fact that cats always manage to land on their fours even when they are dropped from 25 meters high, or dogs can be left- or right-pawed just like humans are left- or right-handed and sharks are ancient fish that can swim at a speed of 50 km/h when hunting fopr their preys. Finishing with this intriguing topic students learned poems about a cat, a dog and sharks. Although they all had butterflies in their tummies, eventually they stopped being chickens and recited the poems in front of a small audience. Afterall, stepping out of our comfort zones can be a rewarding experience 🙂

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