Tiredness has a reason

by Hana D and Alexandra M (Year 6)

Did you ever find yourself being tired,exhausted and you do not know why?You slept 8 hours, as normal.Why are you tired then?


Of course you have to sleep a lot but how much? Studies have shown that 7-9 hours at least is important for adults and kids even more !

Using a smartphone before bed

Two studies found that people who use smartphones after 21:00 have more trouble sleeping and feel more tired at work the next day.The blue light of the screen disrupts eyes.

Not drinking enough

Not drinking enough makes you sleep worse.One of the most common reasons why you do not drink enough water is because you are too busy to carry a bottle around.A good way to not forget to have a bottle is the Bottle Carrier!

This is why you probably do not sleep as well.  Try to follow these recommendations and see your results !

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